Curb Appeal

How do you choose an architectural style?  There are so many to pick from!

Choice in style can be influenced by travel, historical eras, or attraction to a particular exterior finish, like stone or brick.    

Is it important to you that your home blend with natural surrounding?  Do you prefer your home to define it's setting.

Whether, you are an architectural purist or choose to combine styles, I can help you create a desirable curb appeal that will keep resale value. 


Design Tip:  Nix unwanted electrical chords for Christmas lights, add outlets to roof eaves! 


Outdoor Spaces and Garage

Today's outdoor spaces need to be planned, just like the interior of the home.  With my help, we can design the right space for you!


A front porch can be a first impression or a setting for a lasting family memory.   Size can depend on Architectural style and amount of time you plan to spend there.

Outdoor living is a primary entertaining space.  Here, you will need room for grilling, relaxing, and dining.  Furniture must be placed to insure a functional design.  Are there views for us to consider?  Will there be a pool, a golf course view or lake?

A garage does more than just store vehicles.  Do you need space for a hobby or work bench?  

Will you need additional storage or staircase to access the attic?  Will you need space for additional mechanicals like insect sprays or water softners?




What is it like to design and build

a custom home?

Check out this video with

preferred builder:

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